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There are many ways of self building that are all as good as one another – the best way is the one that suits you best.

However, your choice of method will be influenced by a number of factors of concern to nearly all self builders and in this GUIDE we identify the ones that seem to us particularly important.

All the specific recommendations we make contribute to buildings that are wholesome, in that they possess the following qualities:

  • by the love and care that have been put into them, they constitute a built environment that is a joy now, and worthy to be husbanded for future generations.
  • are built in the right place
  • are carefully orientated for shelter, sunlight and views
  • are sensitive to the neighborhood
  • are appropriate to the topography, biology and climate of the site
  • have a low adverse impact on the natural environment
  • are made of materials whose extraction and manufacture does the least possible damage to the environment, and consume least energy in their production
  • are assembled in a building process that is simple, safe, quick and enjoyable, by people who may not have professional trade skills
  • are comfortable, healthy and congenial to live in
  • have a secure and weathertight structure
  • are pollution free, and feel, smell and look good
  • have economical, safe, and energy efficient services
  • are easy to maintain, repair, and alter; and at the end of their lives, to dismantle and dispose of

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