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The Self Build Resource Pack

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The Resource Pack provides the information needed to launch a group housebuilding project under different circumstances. These can vary a lot so, although there is not a single model to follow, the main paths are mapped out here. The only presumption we have made is that you may not have sufficient land or money to build entirely using your own resources.


You will not be building by yourself. You will need, and will benefit from, the services of many other people. This will include officials, professional advisers, and supervisors as well as your fellow self builders. This guide tells you who some of these people are, what they do and what they might cost.


The emphasis of this guide is on group self build as a route to affordable housing. Although designed as a complete pack this guide has been produced in seven separate sections - one of which is a glossary. The other sections describe the range of resources around to support group self build housing projects. Information ranges from organising a group to finding land and funding the work - either through grant aid and public subsidy or through raising private loan finance- and working with others. So a step-by-step guide is provided up to the point where you are ready and able to start the actual building work.

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