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Sheffield Self Build

JACK & Elaine Johnson completed their house in 1996. Jack considers his experience and gives thanks!


During the two and a half years we took to build we were often advised to ‘upgrade’ Walter’s original ideas. Some ideas were taken on board, others not. I would like to think that Walter’s ideas on simplification of the building process were always given a priority by us. We owed him a great deal since his ideas and consideration for others started our own dream in September 1988.


As I stood on our verandah and looked up to the stars on the first night we occupied, I felt totally exhausted, yet very very proud to have been part of Walter’s conquering army. An army which some people who think they know better, seem to be gradually trying to erode away, with their “brighter ideas”. Will the Walter Segal Method of simplicity and availability to all, still be around in another 10 years? Or will ‘good ideas’ be the only thing left of the heritage made available to us by this man and his vision?


Our thanks to all those who have helped in any way over the years, including those who were sometimes severely chastised by us during the more stressful moments!


We would also like to emphasise the support given by those who might have been expected to be the most difficult: our funder, and developing organisation, Northern Counties Housing Association. They fully appreciated that we were not just building houses, but were in fact fulfilling a dream and building a new future. This insight into, and understanding of people and all their needs, not only housing need, has to be the ultimate in community awareness.


To whom it may concern, from the heart: thank you!


The house that Jack built - Sheffield SB

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